Paul Govereau


Senior Cryptography Engineer
Nexus Laboratories
Palo Alto, CA
CTO / Partner
Cooper River Technology
Boston, MA
Advisor to large retail brokerage firms on the deployment of high-frequency equities trading infrastructure, institutional trading algorithms, and retail order internalization.
CTO / Managing Partner
Potamus Trading
Boston, MA

Responsible for institutional block trading, and on-exchange market-making algorithms for US Equities.

Responsible for the design and implementation of a low-latency direct-to-exchange trading platform, including: "full depth" market data handlers, order entry across dozens of venues, and risk monitoring.

C, x86_64 Assembly, Verilog, Rust, Lua
Principal Member of Technical Staff
Oracle Corp.
Burlington, MA
Participated in the design of Java version 9; specifically, the design of value-types and related issues (see patent filings).
Java, C++
Engineer / Trader
Potamus Trading
Boston, MA
Responsible for the design of the firm's proprietary trading system, including: "full depth" market data systems, order entry, various agency-style routing algorithms, and network architectures.
C, x86_64 Assembly, Lua
Decipher Media
Boston, Phoenix, San Francisco
Decipher media is a small software company focusing on iOS and OSX applications. I was responsible for the initial suite of products offered by Decipher Media, which grew out of a personal side project.
Objective C, SQLite
CEO / Cofounder
Peerium, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
Worked on the design of languages and run-time systems for building distributed algorithms (see patent filings).
Haskell, OCaml, C, Paxos
Software Developer
Akamai Technologies
Cambridge, MA
Worked as a member of the "mapping group" with the goal of creating a detailed connectivity and latency map of the Internet. Such maps form the basis of the Akamai routing systems.
C++, IPv4, Java, Perl
CTO / Cofounder
Iconomy, Inc.
Cambridge, MA
Led the technical team building an e-commerce system, including server management, database design, front- and back-end programming, and on-line credit card processing.
Software developer
Redmond, WA
Worked as a member of the "Pegasus" research group (later known as "Windows CE"), with a focus on the file-system layers of a mobile operating system.


PhD, Computer Science
Harvard University
M.S. Computer Science
Harvard University
B.S. Physics
Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)